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Slew Drives
HMEC slew drives are powered with hourglass worm technology for maximum gear torque and the smoothest rotation.
Typical slew drive applications include truck cranes, man lifts, utility equipment, hydraulic attachments, oil tool equipment, marine cranes, tire handlers, digger derricks and automotive lifts, but the slew drives are used in many other applications requiring load holding and rotational capability.
We offer different slew drive models with moment load capacities of 5,000 to 200,000 ft-lbs.
The standard slew drives are fitted with an open housing and single self locking hourglass worm shaft. Once the power source input is returned to neutral, the worm shaft will lock the load into position without requiring any external braking device. If this is not desirable for the application we offer overrunning worm shafts that will allow the load to back drive the input shaft and motor. We also have dual input slew drives to double the torque and fully enclosed housings for industrial environments where personnel are working closely to the moving gears.

Crossing item No.: IMO or TG (Include: slew drive, slewing ring, worm, gear etc.)
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